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A Fascinating Vacation in Europe

A Fascinating Vacation in Europe

I had spent a great part of my life moving around different places in my home country in local tours. The majority of the tours were school trips and once in a while I and my friends could arrange occasional road trips and tours. We rarely have family vacations especially during the festive seasons when everybody is celebrating because we could not comfortably afford them. After completing high school, I got a surprise gift from my sister in London. It was an email with the subject reading; β€œWelcome to England.” It was a brief but strong message inviting me to visit her in England for two good weeks. At first, it looked like a scam as the possibility of somebody hacking into her Gmail account crossed my small mind until I had a video chat with her on Skype. It was one year after her graduation from Oxford University and her invitation for me to visit her meant only one thing in my confined mind; she got a job in England and was earning good money. The day to the fly came on the sixth day after five crawling days and sleepless nights full of anxiety.Β  My flight with a Fly Emirates Boeing was relaxed with the utmost comfort that I had never experienced before. The imaginations of the beautiful city of London brimmed my mind for the better part of the journey. After eight hours in the air, the plane finally landed to mark the beginning of my two-week vacation in Europe.

My first day of the vacation began on a high note with a visit to the Horniman Museum and Gardens on a vast land in the Forest Hill, South London as I came to be informed by my sister after the tour. The inspiring, friendly and fascinating landscape was a charming environment that I could not help myself from falling in love with the place. The museum had a wide collection of artifacts representing the different cultures of the British. The various artifacts representing the different cultures had me change my perception that England has a single culture with very little diversity. That is when I realized that even the one language speaking nation had different tribes of people. The next three days were all fun with visits to what I thought to be fancy sites I had never imagined they exist in England. That is when I realized that my theories and perceptions about the people of England were all wrong. I used to imagine that England as an industrialized country was all about skyscrapers touching the clouds and manufacturing plants all over the country from one horizon to the next. A visit to several parks like the Crystal Palace Park, the Gunnersbury Park, the Morden Hall Park and the Painshill Park let know that indeed the country had fancy places where people can have fun during their leisure time.

The architectural engineering of their infrastructure did not puzzle me so much as I had already known that their civil engineering was world class. Strong and complex structures like the railway system, bridges and highways were my only expectation that I got it right. My vacation could not leave me with much to remember without a visit to the London Eye and watching a Barclays Premier League match, preferably my all-time favorite team-Manchester United. On the second last day, we took a ride to the London eye but unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to ride in the wheel due to the long queue that stretched long enough to make you despair. My last day in England was the long-awaited day. It had taken me several days convincing my sister to take me to a Manchester United game as she was not into soccer. Lucky enough that weekend the Red Devils as were famously known were playing against Arsenal, the longtime rivals in the league at Old Trafford- the theater of dreams. The massive stadium astonished me, but nothing made me happier than watching my team demolish the opponent three goals to nil.

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