The following chart is designed to help you analyze the image for the “What?” section of the “What? So What? Now What?” chart that you will complete next.  Complete all sections of the chart with as much detail as possible.  Feel free to answer in point form.

Subject The Image seems to talk about the teachings that we can get from our forefathers.  This is well captured from the various images that appear on the painting. The various horses seen on the painting have different meanings. Each and everything that appears on the painting symbolizes some character and is meant to create some mood.
Focus Focus of the painting is first acquired through the bright images that can be seen.  First is the sun which is shiny, bright and gold colored. The sun anchors the painting in the centre. It is bright to draw our attention to focus as it guides our eyes (“Aaron Paquette Visual Reflection”).
Framing There is some good framing done on the image. First and foremost is that the horses which seem to be the main images in the painting are well framed as they appear at the center of the image. Having them well bordered as they are covered from the top with the sun and the stars while at the bottom they are enclosed with some images that appear as the moon.
Angle The image was painted from a center of focus whereby the images at the centre are bright than those on the left and the right side. The painting is made in such a way that as a viewer one can still see every detail of the image. With the brightest images being the first ones to be noted then followed by the other images that are less bright. In other words the angle at which the painting is view at does not matter on what you will see as the painting is well done.
Lighting The painting has most light at the center which is well brought about by the shiny, bright and gold colored sun. Most light from the sun is concentrated on the white horse. Lighting is essential in this painting as it draws various meanings having that the white horse shows honesty, the dark horse shows strength, while the other horses which are a composed of a mixture of colors have mixed meanings of struggle.
Colour and Contrast The colors are calm and accommodating. The colors are used to set a mood. The various colors that appear on the painting are white, black, gold, brown, purple as well as some form of orange. When it comes to contrast, contrast is brought about by the use of opposite colors, shape and texture to draw the viewers’ attention of an important idea (“Aaron Paquette Visual Reflection”).    
Lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) Lines are also well represented in the painting. In the painting the various lines are met to represent an idea. Diagonal lines which start from the sun and align with the horses geometrically are meant to organize the image and draw the eye through the composition (“Aaron Paquette Visual Reflection”). The vertical lines are meant to portray energy, strength and forms of growth.
Composition The image is divided into three fragments with the middle fragment being the focal point.  At least one horse intersects fragments. This is an indication of a transition from one stage of living to another.

1.3 Analyzing an Image

Now, take what you have done on the previous chart and apply it to the “What?” section of the chart, focusing on just the most important details and ideas from your previous chart.  From there, move on to complete the So What? and Now What? sections of this chart.

         What?   details  techniques  effects  main ideas Significant Details Moon in phasesA full moon at the centre of the five  pointed stars7  stars that are five pointed 7 Horses with varying coloursFeathers on each horse Main Ideas A transition in life stages Peace, Abundance, success, achievement  attainment of wisdom Effects that support the main Idea The changing phases of the moon represent the various moments in life.The 7 stars show achievement in every phase of moon transition, which is a moment in life.The 7 horses represent life lessons. Feathers represent what it takes to learn something in life.
So What? personal connectionconnect to other textsconnect to other people
Ones’ life is filled with choices and teachings which are all dependent on how one carries him or herself around. To learn is the most significant gift one can get out of a situation. It is through learning that other gifts such as love, wisdom, humility amongst others are acquired.
It is important to be responsible to those around us. Responsibility comes with reward, power, and authority. It comes along with gifts of admiration and trust. Responsibility brings about virtues like meekness, humility among others.   Success is known to be followed with forms of happiness. Success comes with achievement and accomplishment. With failure, there is no sense of comfort derived; it gives one the ability to learn the different ways of not approaching a problem. Failure gives one experience on how to manage a situation and thus acts as a platform for a learning lesson. One’s life values are determined by one’s response to a crisis. A negative response to a crisis will definitely worsen the situation.
Ones’ response to a situation is as a result of the perception to it. A wrong perception yields wrong decision making. This is usually due to the poor analysis of a scenario and therefore false judgements. Looking at this painting, I was drawn by the black horse. The power of strength and courage reflects in this horse. It has a rough texture to show struggle and thus the courage and strength to soldier through life. I was once financially down and my ability to live within the means at that time gave me strength to soldier on knowing that this is not a perfect situation. This inner strength could only have come through endurance over a situation. It only was temporary. This painting has incredible power to build someone to become a better person, if comprehended like I did, it is touching, it reflects many lessons in life that come as gifts only earned through experience.
Now What? world issues who is affected? theme statement The image talks about values attained from the lessons learned from various circumstances of life. One’s life is a result of the choices one makes. These ideas are prominent especially in politics, marriage, and academics. In politics, these ideas are essential in diplomatic relations for instance, negotiations amongst conflicting areas in the world. Areas have not made use of this ideas have suffered continued unrest and thus no success attainment. These ideas portrayed in the painting do affect everyone either individually or collectively. In the world today, there are countless stories of violence, refugees and unrest across our borders, in particular, the middle-east, Syria. Based on the painting, my theme of the painting could be living victoriously.  

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