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Animals should not be kept in cages/zoos

Animals should not be kept in cages/zoos

Animals were all born wild and free hence no need of cages and fences defining their boundaries of restriction. The cruelty of the animals is said to be one of the factors leading to their denied freedom not knowing that it is us human that led to this since they were meant to be kept as pets and not to be ruled by anyone. They need to be free. These creatures were born to stand in their habitats and not behind bars and electric fences like prisoners. They have done nothing wrong to deserve the punishment human beings are subjecting to them, and in my perspective, this is slavery that we should stop.

How does it feel to be locked up in a cage or be restricted within certain boundaries? Instead of living at home with your family, you are confined in an unfamiliar place, lonely, with other people you don’t recognize, while hundreds of onlookers gather around you and stare. Do you think it is fun? Definitely, it is not and that is exactly what the animals have been forced within the zoos and cages.

Animals are living creatures with souls just like human beings and should be left to live freely without cages and supervision. Lack of wisdom and intellectual resources allows them to discover at a lower rate compared to human but I believe it is logical that these animals considered cruel and wild only attacks when threatened by human beings and owing to this, humans are the cause of antagonism existing between them and the wild animals since they do not search for the human flesh.

It defeats reasoning how nature works to sustain everything within it. Nature has a balanced lifecycle for all the creatures and reducing one affects the ecosystem. The human fraternity does their best to feed the caged animals something we cannot do as perfect than nature. In the wild, animals diligently source for their food and in a case of any health condition, they know the best herbs to cure themselves. This shows how nature is able to take care of the animals and should not be an excuse for the animals to be caged.

30 miles each day is an example of a walk an average elephant take each day exploring the ranges of their homes. Keeping these animals in the zoos and cages do not allow them to naturally do things that are important and necessary to them. Cramped spaces in the zoos with virtually no privacy, give the animals very low opportunity to exercise and keep their mind busy. This causes a condition called zoochosis, where the animals portray weird actions like hurting themselves because of frustration and boredom.

Caring for the animals in the zoo is often said to be the reasons stated to defend the vise but in a real sense, this is not true. Zoos are established with the main of generating money. The animals are used as assets for tourism industries both domestic and international. The adorable animals that attract more visitors are always kept in large numbers in the zoos, unlike the unwanted ones which end up in roadside zoos or even in traveling circuses. Humans should stop trading with animals and if it is caring as they put it, then free viewing should be allowed without a fee.

Protection of endangered animals is another false reason given by the zoos. In most cases, it is found that the majority of the animals in the cages are not endangered. They choose on the big and popular animals while ignoring small popular ones who also need attention because the bigger ones attract more visitors. Zoos rarely help animals since keeping them in cages does significantly nothing to save their species found in the wild. If protection is the reason, they should do this in the animals’ natural habitat and the caged animals termed as endangered should be released back into the wild when they grow up.

The only thing people learn about when they visit the zoos is that it is okay to keep animals in captivity where they get bored, lonely and very far from homes. This is the opposite of what zoos claim to be educational. Visitors are often guaranteed a very short time to spend with the animals hence learn very little unlike when the animals are observed in their natural settings where one can learn about their natural range, diet, and species. To this, I ascertain that they are not educational.

Zoos are considered to be very dangerous places for wild animals owing to the imprisonment, denial of veterinary care and are even at risk of being burnt when such conditions. Some animals perish due to certain human food and snacks fed to them by visitors while others get killed by people who steal them. Natural disasters, the animals have no option but to wait for their death because of inability to escape.

In conclusion, animals should not be kept in zoos or caged and if human beings think that their settlement is necessary, animal sanctuaries should be established unless we want to see the animals becoming extinct.

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