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Balancing Between Wisdom and Foolishness

Balancing Between Wisdom and Foolishness

Catastrophes are always subjugated by numerous contrasts and conflicts among various entities for instance, evil and good, illegitimate and legitimate, reality and appearance among others. This essay will discuss how wisdom and foolishness is being exposed in the plays of the Beowulf, the Informo, and the King Lear. In addition, the paper will analyze the complexity of the scenarios in relation to real life particularly in the year 2017.

In reference to Beowulf, the struggle of finding balance between wisdom and foolishness is witnessed in different case scenarios. The first theatrical example is when Beowulf decides to fight Grendel without weapons, barehanded since Grendel was also doing the same. This was a wise decision made by Beowulf since Grendel had a spell cast upon him preventing any weapon from harming him. Making this choice earlier, he would have discovered that no weapons could have harmed him. In his bravery, he fought Grendel tearing his arm from his socket leaving the beast in tremendous pain.

In relation to the year 2017, learning from Beowulf, during the time of war is relevant. In this age and era, of terrorism, ethical clashes, and tribalism, it is important to make a wise decision of not picking up a weapon in times of war instead make a wise decision of learning your opponent to solve the problem and this can come about in terms of diplomacy. Coming up together, resolving your problem without any blood bath.

In the book inferno, in his demonstration to wisdom, Dante explains himself that the mind and reason purely is a gift from God and man has the responsibility to use both of these gifts for the purpose of good and sinners who simply use these tools for evil will burn in hell.

In relation to this day and era, considering religion and morals, from the quote Dante, it is important as human beings to help the society to grow by using their intelligence to better their society in terms of new inventions in medicine, agriculture, and technology that will help the society grow.

In the same context, arrogance and foolishness can be detected in Dante’s text whereby he considers himself the intelligent one among the Virgil peers who invite him to discuss with them. In relation to 2017, it is important to listen to opinions coming from one’s friends and peers arrogance can make one lose important information and his/her friends abandoning them due to arrogance.

In the play of King Lear, Goneril is being upset with the Lear for being troublesome in her home. She said, “As you are timeworn and revered, you must be very wise.”
thus, Goneril is strengthening the proclamation that age does link to wisdom.
In the Act 1, Scene 5, Lear the King as well as the Fool are organizing to leave house of Gloucester’s. However, The Fool satiates that “thou should not have stayed to be old till thou hast been judicious” to circuitously state the King must not observing the notion that time of life signifies his intelligence.

Shakespeare depicts the sane characters; Cordelia and Kent as fools by the virtue of the love, loyalty, and their enthusiasm to say the truth. On another way, Tom o’Bedlam, the Madman, and fool are portrayed as the factual wisdom figures. In addition, emulating all this is King Lear has shifted from the foolish behavior through the madness attaining wisdom.
Similarly, Kent and Cordelia may classify as rational characters however their behavior is seemed to foolish. The duo speak the truth in which Lear is not willing to hear. Their conduct is unwise as they antagonize Lear, an enormous fortress of arrogance, in their readiness to be a factual and trustworthy to be a father as well as a king. Cordelia risks nasty her father, additionally she endures to annoy him when she attempts to make him comprehend his imprudent behavior. As the end, Cordelia is enthusiastic to sacrifice her life in favor for her father who wronged her. Similarly, Kent is likewise was offended when he irritates Lear with factual authenticity of things. In doing so, he sacrifices his individuality as Aristocrat.

In conclusion, individuals gave their lives in favor of others. In 2017, forks should be able to treat others in a fare way in balancing between wisdom and foolishness in the contemporary society.

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