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Benefits of Early Childhood Education with a Focus on Reading


Thesis: There is a direct relationship between the developmental success of a child in life and how well their early childhood education was addressed. How well a person is able to read, comprehend, and interpret literate work is determined by how well this area was addressed at this stage.

  1. There is a need to examine the benefits of early childhood education.
  2. This age forms the earliest interaction of a child with a literary material.
  3. Assuming this age could lead to a life struggle later on to a person.
  4. The development of a child needs to be well monitored.
  5. Best practices are learnt when one is young.
  6. Not every material is important at this development age of a child and filtering the right material is paramount to ensuring getting most benefits from this level of education.
  • Teacher- child relationship is of important.
  1. Teacher needs to be patient enough with the child.
  2. Understanding every child should be a priority to ensure the right attention is given.
  3. Not everyone qualifies to be a teacher at this level. It only calls for passionate people about children who are willing to be actively engaged.
  4. A teacher should be creative in his delivery model to encourage children to enjoy reading.
  5. A teacher needs to frequently motivate the students through acknowledging progress to ensure they remain encouraged.
  6. There are many benefits to offering the best early education especially in reading to a child.
  7. A child is able to gain confidence to talk in gatherings and with peers.
  8. It enhances a child’s understanding which translates into better performance in future.
  9. In the long run, one is competitive enough to handle the job market challenges.
  10. It develops one’s eloquence and confidence.
  11. It is of personal good to be able to gather information and understand without needing help, which also cuts on costs which could have been used to get expertise.
  12. It is importance to give early childhood education especially reading skills the attention it deserves for the betterment of a child’s future.

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