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Response 1

Being a soft technology company comes with challenges at a time. For PepsiCo, it is a good idea as it helps to sell the millennial generation. Young people get connected through social media, and they share their view concerning the products produced by the company. The participation gives customers opportunity to become part of the brand (Horton, 2012). Unfortunately, maintenance of the machines is a problem since it needs experts and this can best solve by hiring educated persons with knowledge in the operating technology.

Application of an apprenticeship is not the best for a company which need to maximize the use of machines that cost them a lot of money to purchase. A better solution which seems to be expensive at the start but would make the PepsiCo operate effectively is by hiring highly trained personnel. The expenses will be more at the beginning but with a culture of recruiting at least two experts annually, the company will surely overcome the challenge.


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Response 2

An organization with the chief aim of making profit must be ready to change with technological changes. Importantly, customers must feel satisfied, and this can be improved by engaging them in continuous communication to get their views. The United Services Automobile Association should not use the excuse of constant change in technological environment as the cause of the reduction in the number of customers. The company needs to take the opportunity to quickly find out changes in the market to upgrade its products to match the ones for its competitors (Jones, 2015).

Besides, protecting information systems goes beyond CyberToken. USAA need to initiate education programs to their customers to ensure that their online transactions are safe and nobody can access their information without their knowledge. Cyber fraud and cyber hacks can result from the use of some the software. Therefore they should be upgraded and made free from virus.


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Response 3

While the use of Radio Frequency Identification Technology seems to be expansive for the suppliers of the Kmart, the organization should strive at all costs to implement its usage. It is the only way to locate and monitor activities of its suppliers. Also, it is a good way of reducing the number of supervisors as the technology can do the part done by them when the products are being transported globally. Therefore, the price of installation should not discourage the suppliers from making installing and using it (Post, 2015). The issue of disrupting technological systems is a global change to any organization, and therefore it should not discourage Kmart from using the RFID. Privacy and protection of the RFID are recommended for the organization to make it safe for suppliers.


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Response 4

Use of technology in a company mainly aims at reducing production costs and giving customers the best services. If we consider the number of people losing employed, industrialization will be unachievable dream in the world. As much as “buy with one click” shopping option developed by the Amazon in 1997 tend to be a threat to employment rate in the world, it enables the shoppers to get better services. Moreover, the organization can generate profit from its usage. We must accept changes in the technological environment and put them into practice to increase production and lower the expenses being incurred (Kawamoto, 2010). Time wasting is a drawback to any economy, and this can be saved by using 1-click technology by reducing the steps to complete and order for Amazon products though the issue of securing patent has been a major dispute since it was invented.


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