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California Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Extended Education Fund

California Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Extended Education Fund

The importance of education in modern world cannot be overstated. We are in times when institutions are more interested in highly qualified individuals to take up various roles. Success in life is becoming hugely dependent on the level of education one has attained. However, education comes at a substantial cost and due to one reason or another, some people are financially disadvantaged making it challenging for them to acquire this necessity. I am one such person who is facing financial challenges making it hard for me to concentrate on my studies.  I believe that a description of my experiences and personal lifestyle will compel you to offer me the scholarship that I need so much to help me finish school and get a good job.

My name is X. I lost my mother at the age of 12, and thereafter, lived with my father. My father remarried when I was 18, but unfortunately, the woman kicked me out of the house and now I live on my own. Presently, I perform minor jobs such as being a waiter and serving at a gas station where I spend several hours. I noted that performing minor jobs makes it very difficult for me to save enough money that would allow me provide for my basic requirements and attend school at the same time. I now go to school during the day but go to a part time job at night, as I have to earn money for my younger sister’s and my own survival.

I have however realized that having to work every day while at the same time going to school is straining me and negatively affecting my studies. I am therefore applying for the scholarship to help me have more time for concentrating on my studies. The scholarship will allow me to acquire some of the learning materials that are essential in the course I aspire to pursue (Art history and studio art and interior design). The course is quite demanding  in terms of essential materials required such as crayons, drawing books, pencils, drawing surfaces, erasers, and sharpeners. The scholarship will also enable me to pay for some helpful trips that students make to different destinations to learn various concepts. I believe this is important in providing me with hands-on experience of what I learn in class. 

Even though I mostly perform low-income jobs, I have gained numerous skills that would help me in my academic and professional work. For example, my activities make me realize the importance of working as a team to attain good results. I plan to share what I know with others and be open, gain more insight on how to approach various tasks. I have also learned that carrying out personal researches on issues that I do not clearly understand improves the way I conduct my activities. For instance, I carry out investigations over the internet on work-related issues that I do not understand. I recently carried out a research to identify the essence of observing ethical values while at the workplace and I now know that respecting other people’s values and ideas is mandatory in any place of work. Respecting other people’s views will also help to build a good relationship with my classmates who play a major role in building my personality.

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