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Cause and effect of social media essay example

Advancements in technology has in the recent past given rise to social media. Social media being any website that allows social interaction includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Most youths prefer their use to communicate, view and share information as well as interacting with others than the traditional way of having conversations with people next to them. Social media has gained control of our lives with the increased use but their causes and effects are being felt more in the negative than positive side.

Not only has social media made it easier to communicate, but also interaction with people has been made better. Youths in particular are very fond of sharing information on social media inform of photos, personal details and statuses. This is at some point effective in making your social media friends know their friends better but it can have a lot of consequences.

There has been increased self doubt. Most people feel the need of expressing themselves as the perfect person on the latest trends of social media. They force different identities depicting their perfect personalities or beautiful body images, fashion trends or achievements. All this perfections do not come from the self image people have but what social media have on them when they feel obligated to blend in with famous idols that are praised ad adorned across social media.  Without social media, people feel they are unworthy or not good enough in the eyes of the real people. This has greatly affects their self-esteem and self-identity.

Furthermore, Social media has been liked to depression. Most young people have once been cyber bullied on their social networks. Since they give out all their personal information for everyone to see, some people may manipulate your details to mock you, harass, threaten and manipulate their feelings. Once the youth feel offended by this, they may develop stress which after a long time can turn to depression and have low self esteem issues which leaves them confused, angry, and jealous and worst of it have suicidal thoughts. If this depression is not controlled it may affect them terribly. Studies have shown that almost half of youth on social media have at one point been bullied but only a small percentage has reported. Those who suffer in silence have resorted to abuse of substances or crime to avoid the reality. In the recent past, there has been an increase of youth on social media taking their lives due to depression issues caused by relationships or low esteem.

On the upwards, the social media has improved relationships. Most people on social media platforms feel included in other people’s affairs. This is important as they may share their issues freely with friends while building relationships. At times, that leads to development of romantic affairs or making friends which later develops into something beautiful. There has been decrease in issues of unhappiness as there is more open communication with other people and most youth linger in public places for more interaction. Most of them becomes outgoing and interact more with others online and can talk to their family with ease.

Social media has been a great cause of connectivity. Most people will meet and interact with the like-minded people. With a single conversation, regardless of their location, education, success or religion, these amazing platforms will build relationships. In the business world, there have been a number of people who have landed jobs in top companies direct from their employers who approach possible candidates directly on these platforms. Most business people use it to connect to their customer through advertising of their products on social media.

Additionally, social media has improved learning. Most teachers and students prefer the use of professional experts who give advice on matters of education at low or no fee at all. Depending on the subject, there is more reliable information on internet sources which may miss from the library or sample assignments to help you write quality work. There are cases of Distance learning where students can enroll in their favorite colleges at the comfort of their homes while getting their degrees and diplomas. Study materials are posted on social media platforms or discussions groups for easier research.

Lastly, social media has recently been used for the wrong reasons making it a dangerous venture from causing depression and doubt; it can be put to god use for educational purposes and connections for the betterment of the entre society. Parents need to be present in their children’s life and encouraging them venture into activities that interest them instead f social media. They also need to teach their children to accept themselves as unique creatures.

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