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Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leadership is a process of bringing appropriate people together to create authentic visions and strategies that would address the shared concerns of the organization. It can only be achieved through a process of making different minds to work together, rather than what the leading from the front. It is also characterized by collective problem-solving, openness, and collective decision making since it aims at making people work as a team and not being led by one person towards a particular direction (Ljungholm 76). Collaboration exists when different people who are not necessarily bonded through contract pools their interest together, but for partnership, there must be a legal contract that enables individuals with joint rights and responsibilities work towards a specific goal.

The process of building a collaborative team needs individuals with vast knowledge on diversity and can challenge problems arising where different people with different backgrounds are brought together. The team needs people with the power of diverse thinking to understand other people’s perspective. The organization should consider only individuals who are ready to work with others during recruiting process and hence build a strong team through collaboration. Prior collaboration experience is necessary for potential team members to enhance effectiveness in the new organization with similar leadership styles. Also, for the team to maintain high-performance, all team members must have a major focus on the organizational goals and looks for ways they can be realized. An effective team understands the mission and vision of the organization and works towards their achievements. Leading a team should be from the middle and not the front. A leader who leads from the middle ensures that the decision-making process involves every stakeholder. The leader also influences and inspire followers through regular talks to get their views.

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