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College should be Free in America

Education is one of the major concerns in the globe as everyone needs it to acquire skills that can assist in earning a living. The question of higher education has raised some discussions on whether college education should be free or learners should pay fees (Bok 7). However, countries have different opinions on the issue; therefore, they set various rules for both citizens and foreigners concerning enrolment process. Some argue that the cost of attending college is quite high, which makes it unaffordable to many, while others feel that parents should fund their children’s education. However, there is a need for free college education in America to make it affordable since it benefits the individual and the entire nation due to the skills gained during university years.

College learning should be free, and learners should receive high quality education to help them to secure jobs. Once the students receive education, they provide a workforce that is competent, hence enhancing the growth of the economy by use of the acquired skills (Mason 1). Besides, free college education equips more people with the desired credentials that are vital for job opportunities. These facilitate the acquisition of jobs that are well paid; hence the economy is likely to develop since people have higher incomes to spend as well as considering the fact that the debts are minimized. It also benefits the government with more tax revenues which, in turn, can be used to pay for free public colleges.

Countries that fund college education have developed economies due to production of qualified candidates. Some do not charge any fees or require little amount, so the government pay for it from taxes. Some countries that offer free college, such as France, only charge tuition fee of only $200 for public universities (Halls 4). In Norway, students do not pay any tuition fee, while Slovenia charges certain registration amount of money only, but no charges on tuition are required. College education in Sweden is also free, while in Finland the government pays for tuition, but foreign students pay for their expenses. Others, such as Brazil, charge registration fees only, and the rest is financed by the government from taxes. The aim of subsidizing college education is to ensure that students learn with minimal distractions and achieve their dreams.

Free college education also ensures equal opportunities for all citizens regardless of their social standing. When there is easy and affordable access to quality higher learning for all the citizens, the chances of social division in a country reduce. When more people are well educated, they contribute to quality decision making in the society, hence fasten the progress in solving most economic and social challenges (Mason 1). In addition, people will feel free to try new ideas as well as utilize their talents. Graduates can pursue their desired lives, as they do not have to start live out of college in debts and will not get stuck in jobs that have low wages. Therefore, people can have happier and more promising life once they achieve their dream careers. Many of the students graduate on time and are ready to take up the important jobs in their communities at a younger age since there is no delay in enrolment once the government pays their fees.

Education is very important in a country, and the government should ensure that everybody can afford it. However, in many states, it is very expensive, so learners have to depend on loans and grants to acquire necessary skills. Making it free in America can be of great help since it will allow all candidates to acquire tertiary education. However, there are other challenges other than financial that need to be addressed, such as employment of teachers and equipping the institutions. Despite the issues, the government should fund education fully and ensure that each student enrols in the college of his/her choice.

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