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Communication within the organization among the staff

From: Relations Officer

To: On Duty Manager

Dear Madam,

RE: Communication within the organization among the staff

Communication is an important part of the interaction both within the workplace and in a social environment. The communication between different individuals within a workplace can show how well the staff are well engaged and committed to the business course. Thus, in this case, there exists poor communication between John and Kim. John late doing not show any remorse in the way that he handles himself, which provides a very negative picture especially because he is late. Instead of replying Kim’s warm greetings, he ignores her and proceeds to his place of work.

Employees within an organization are supposed to be guided by a set of basic guidelines and regulations, which highlights the manner in which employees are supposed to handle themselves within the workplace. If there exists similar guidelines within the workplace then John has seriously violated different statutes, which include coming to work late and failing to follow the stipulated cordial communication that should exist between employees within the workplace. It is very evident in this case that John has a negative attitude and does not have the required engagement with fellow employees. This breakdown in communication is a very serious issue to the organization since it creates a very difficult environment where employees can work together in order to improve the organization performance.

The conduct of John, therefore, requires a serious review to all employees in order to ensure that all employees can know exactly how they are supposed to conduct themselves especially with one another within the organization. Therefore I would suggest that as a senior member of management and authorized to make a decision, it is important to have a face to face interaction with John in order to have an understanding regarding his behavior especially communication engagement today in the afternoon. Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully

Relations officer.

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