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Customer Analysis for Healthy Burgers

Burgers are a popular snack among Americans with approximately 50 billion burgers eaten every year (Rolfes, Ellen). The average American eats approximately three burgers every week (Rolfes, Ellen). Many fast food enterprises in the country such as McDonalds, KFC and Burger King boost their sales significantly by including burgers in their daily menu. However, health concerns revolving around increased obesity rates among Americans have led to them being shunned by health conscious members of the society, especially athletes and fitness enthusiasts, owing to their high cholesterol and fat composition. The irreconcilable relationship between the society’s love for burgers and their health concerns has created a need gap. This is what has made the idea of healthy burgers viable, as they would cater for the customers’ love for burgers while taking into account their health concerns. Healthy burgers are similar to regular burgers except that they replace the buns with lettuce, which has significantly less cholesterol and fat than the traditionally used buns. This paper is a customer analysis for the healthy burgers, taking into account customer behavior, customer needs and how healthy burgers may satisfy these needs.

Behavioral analysis

The market for burgers is huge in the American market, with American consuming approximately 150 burgers per year on average (Rolfes, Ellen). The average American eats approximately three burgers every week (Rolfes, Ellen). Recent years have, however, seen a decline in the average consumption of burger owing to health concerns occasioned by increasing obesity rates in American society with 68.8% of American adults considered obese (Mitchell, Nia S. et al.). Consumers have become increasingly concerned with the cholesterol and fat composition of the foods they eat, including burgers. Leading in the index of the consumers who are most concerned with the health impacts of their food are athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This has created a need for healthy food products such as healthy burgers and other fast foods.

Customer Needs

The needs of the customers is a burger that does not expose them to health risks and protects them from the risk of obesity. Athletes are particularly concerned with their weight and physical fitness and they spend plenty of time and energy working out to maintain fit bodies to enable them to engage in their professions. Many Americans have also committed themselves to keeping fit and they too spend considerable amounts of time and energy exercising and working out to maintain fit bodies and lead healthy lifestyles. Both these categories of people are conscious about the type of food they eat and keep strict dieting routines. To maintain such a lifestyle, they must consume healthy foods and they regularly eat snacks between the main meals of the day. They, however, shun regular burgers as their composition is often not in line with their diet requirements, despite being a convenient snack for them to have between the main meals and during their exercise and workout routines.

How Healthy Burgers Satisfy these Needs

The idea of healthy burgers is to make burgers that are both delicious and healthy to consume for the health conscious customer. The buns in the regular burger are replaced with lettuce which is both healthy and delicious to the taste. This will make them a viable snack for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who need a healthy snack to sustain them during their exercise and workout routines without compromising their fitness goals. It also addresses the concerns of the average American whose health concerns has made them more careful with the types of food they eat. Lettuce is low on fat and cholesterol, hence reducing the risk of obesity and weight gain significantly.

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