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I live a quality life in my country, had a sound financial status, a lovely family, and finally successfully excelled in my academic life. In the state where I was living, I used to be rewarded for my excellent academic studies year in year out. My most recent award was a scholarship for my entire academic life. Which I got just before I moved here. Before my last year graduating from high school, I had already made up my mind on my career and educational path. I wanted to become a doctor, which was my childhood dream. My entire family, teachers and literally everyone else who knew me also shared my dream and had faith I would achieve it.

One day the school’s president came home to talk to my parents about the idea of moving to the USA, bringing with them a document showing that my education fee and any other costs had been guaranteed and that I will be well catered for. This, however, did not change my father’s decision about moving to the USA as a family in 2012. When we first moved to the USA, I felt disappointed and lonely. My whole life had transformed, and I couldn’t help but miss home a lot. I kept reminiscing my past life and wondering if was too much for me to handle at the period. This was not the path I had chosen. If anyone had mentioned to me that I would be living in the USA four years back, it would have sounded like just a dream, but I guess sometimes life has a way of dragging us into our destinies.

Bit by bit, I grew and started accepting things as they were. I solely focused on my studies at school because I did not want anything or anyone to hinder me from achieving my goals. Regardless of living in a new place, my dreams remained unchanged, and all I had to do was start a new life here, acclimatize hastily, and work towards achieving what I had always wanted. I kept reminding myself that I would be a very successful person and my hard work will eventually pay off. I kept motivating myself every day. Everything I did had an incentive behind it.

I am a person who sets high standards and goals in life. For instance, I always set high standards when it comes to picking things. It has become an obsession on perfectionism, where I do this in all situations including issues at work, academics, and even social relationships. I always dream big which sometimes may not be a good thing. I consider myself a hard person to please and I always aim to associate myself with ubiquitous, unique, and conspicuous things in life. I have witnessed many hard situations in life. I have seen so many people suffering in this world which makes me feel awful when a day goes by, and I haven’t made an effort to impact someone’s life in a positive manner. A passionate desire for something pleasurable. 

I am now Self-assured, truly knowing who I am and I’m comfortable in any social situation that I choose to participate in. I am independent because I recognize my capabilities of what I can achieve. I like doing my own work; I love planning ahead so that everything is to avoid last minute rushes. I manage my time very well; I am very creative, and I like to do everything by myself because I prefer independence, this way I don’t have to worry from time if something was done properly to completion. I like being in control of my surroundings. I am extremely patient and can wait a long time for something I truly want.

After a long struggle with settling down in a new country and learning the new language and putting my negativities behind me, I am happy with my career and my education at this point, step by step I am moving closer to achieving my goals in life. I no longer regret moving to the USA as it has enlightened me about life. I pursued criminal justice in college, and it has become a passion that has grown into me overtime. I decided to pursue this career path and got my AA. I have become more passionate about Law enforcement career in the United States and found my true self. I want to use my learned skills such as problem-solving, influencing, team building, negotiation, making a quick direct decision, persuasiveness, nonverbal communication to help the society. I like being challenged and positively criticized at times, so I try to emphasize my views in a debate with others on their point of views. I have found law enforcement to be quite interesting, and I am even considering to enroll in a police academy someday. I’m currently enrolled at The Central Washington University for winter quarter doing my bachelor’s degree, but I decided to transfer to the University of Washington for a better opportunity, and at the same time, I don’t have to leave my family to go to Ellensburg. I am privileged to be a part of the University of Washington since I know it will add a lot of value.

I am grateful to my Father for bringing me to America. It took a long time, but I finally came to terms with the fact that my dad made a choice based on what was truly important for our family. Every instance of pain I went through made me more mature and taught me how to maneuver through problems and face them head on, instead of running away. Life should be lived moving forward but to understand it, sometimes you need to look back a little.

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