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Executive Summary

This research study tries to draw a contrast particularly between the last twentieth century’s decade (1990-1999) and the first decade of twenty first century (2000-2009). These two decades are significant to consider because the age of humanity had entered from one century to another (Powell and Anne 2350). This contrast is important in terms of understanding and exploring the difference of certain historical facts on the basis of global events and happenings that occurred during these 20 years.

Both decades considered for contrast were important for global political and business stakeholders in terms of decision making and defining the course of human history at the start of a new century. Al Qaeda emerged in 1998 as world biggest terror network and started hitting the US’s interests worldwide by adopting a strategy based upon terrorism. Ultimately, the 2000’s started and the USA was struck with an unprecedented 9/11 attack. The USA took a firm decision to go after the nexus of terrorists gathered in the territory of Afghanistan by declaring an overt and aggressive operation. By the end of 2000’s this war against terrorism was still continued with the win of United States in major terms and ultimately in 2011 the head of Al Qaeda in a CIA’s secret operation proved the US’s dominance over all other nations of world militarily. 1990’s were considered as the years favoring Microsoft Inc. in terms of business enhancement and advances in the spreading of its most popular Windows operating system at global level. 2000’s a new concept of social media started to gain popularity and people started to consider many social networking sites as the way to interact virtually over the internet (Brenda and James 186).

Overall, this contrast also depicts that the simplicity in the lifestyle faded away from the lives of people as they could access the latest fashion and lifestyle based trends using the internet and even the mass media could also collect and present the latest trends of evolving fashion industry to the people because of the latest digital technology (Neil and Keri 485).

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