High School and college have a major part to play in our future success. The education we have there can be a starting point to what career path we want to follow. There are many differences and similarities between these schools. They all offer learning and training for our future careers. Moreover, you can see that many of them offer free online programming courses with certificates of completion. Your achievement in high school will determine your entry to college while college to your workplace.  However, they all differ in one way or the other and that makes them unique. They are our foundation in life and we should cherish them.

College comes with a lot of benefits such as independence. As you will be living away from your parents like when you were in high school, you will be able to make your decisions. You can decide on what you need to do either by choosing the subjects or going to class. In college, there is no professor or lecturer following you around and wanting reasons to why you did not attend class.  You will have to make the schedule for your classes, time for interactions and going to party. When it comes to food, you are free to choose whatever you want even if it’s what your parents are against. Most students in high school rave for their freedom but it’s not possible as they are still under their parents’ protection and rules. On the other hand, college is where it all comes in handy.

When looking at expenses, college life is more expensive than high school. Apart from paying thousands of cash for school fees and accommodation, you will have to buy books which cost more than any high school book. You will spend more on food and clothing to be comfortable and there are cases you need to buy revision papers, notes or lab materials at a fee. High school textbooks are free and what matters is if you will read them or not while college ones are expensive and are a necessity for your success. Most students who are struggling with school fees always find college as a luxury because of the expenses that accumulate before you start what of completing the four years?

Being in high school means you are still a minor under your parents watch. It means they are still responsible for you if you make any mistakes in school or have a bad grade. In college, you are on your own, viewed as an adult who can be easily trusted in handling your own issues. You will not need to bring receipts or reports signed by your parents to proceed with the course you have chosen or the program you want to enroll in. You are handled as adults who has sound mind and you are responsible for what may happen to you in the institution.

 College is where future relationships are determined. Most friendships created in college are long-lasting. You are all mature and know how to handle conflicts. Living with strangers in dorms or hostels can give you an idea of how people behave and react to situations. What makes people happy and how to live with others? Understanding that will give you solutions in mending your friendship in case of a challenge. Most friends met in campus become your friends for life. As they know you better, they can come to your rescue anytime you are in problems and have an idea on how to guide you. On the other hand, most high school friendships always end after graduation. Everyone is eager to make new friends in college or universities and they easily forget the four years you have been together. Most students view these friends as academic helpers and they will not share with them their life issues or experiences.

High school requires you to be in class all the time but college you do not have to. They have fewer classes and the class schedule is very different. They will not have to attend lessons the entire time. However, colleges will exhaust students with reading. As much as the lessons are few, they have more content and require you to read lots of textbooks understand more. You will find fewer exams and assignments unlike high school where there are tests almost every day for better evaluation. College leaning will determine if you will meet your career requirements.

College and high school studies are similar in preparing you for the future. However, there are differences in relationships, number of classes, being independent, being treated as an adult and so much more. Colleges may not be compulsory but they prepare us for the journey ahead. They offer us the training to be useful in the society and in the workplace. You will need high school before joining college which makes all special. More so, they all require hard work.