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History of the Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is America based automobile developed by Ford since 1962. Due to its magnificent speed, in the year 1964, the ford mustang car finished first and second in the rally race in France and therefore compared to the faster-running animal the emblem horse. This was the first model of the Mustangs to be developed (Horton et al. 2).

Ford went ahead and developed another model of the ford mustang which was the modification of Mustangs. The Carroll Shelby Company did the modification.  The Mustangs Shelby were produced in the year 1965, 1966 and 1967. It was a fifth generation Mustang Ford which was called Ford Shelby Mustang. The purpose of building this was to compete with the Corvette.

In 1965 and 1966 car were produced and the only difference between them was that the one produced in 1966 had a black 289 engine (Schmidt 6). Shelby also produced a GT35s which were mainly used for car rentals by Hertz. Ford produced high-quality Shelby in the year 1968, and the era was finished by 1969. At the New York show in 2006, Shelby GT-H version of Mustang was revealed.

In 1993 the mustang cobra was introduced and made its debut in the same year which was much more success and encouraged Ford to produce even more of mustang cobra. The production continued in 1994 until 1998 with more powerful and quality products than 1993 one. Features such as the engine were upgraded for the better. Mustang Cobra influenced the style. It had no seats except for necessities such as the air conditioners and the rear carpeting (Schmidt 19).

Then Ford Mustang Cobra then came back in 2001. The car was changed in aspects such as in its decoration style and also color ranging from black, blue to even dark green. In 2002 the car was the way it was no changes had been made to it. In 2003, the Mustang Cobra came up, and it was very powerful. The final generation of Mustang is the ninth generation which is from 2005 to the present.

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