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At the Life Source Inc., I am the Human Resource manager. One of the female workers by the name Caren came to me when she is highly upset due to the fact that a male coworker by the name Bill has been continuously harassing her sexually. She claims that Bill has been repeatedly asking her out on dates even if she uses to occasionally tell him “no”. The conservation between us went on as follows:-

Caren: Hello, my name is Caren from the department of Nutrition. I would like to report that one of the male coworker has been in the past making me as well as my work environment to be very uncomfortable mainly due to his actions.

Me: Hello Caren, it is very nice to meet you at this moment. It concerns me very much that you have been experiencing difficulties when you are here and this is caused by another employee. Please tell me, what is it that has made your environment of work to be very uncomfortable?

Caren: One of the male workers by the name Bill keeps asking me to go out with him. He keeps asking me this like for six times now and I have always said no to him all the time. I am now feeling unsecured at my work place. Please, do something on the same.

Me: Is ok. The report has been taken and immediate action will be taken according to the Employment laws. Please remain calm as we do our investigation. Thank you for reporting such act (Robinson et al 45)

            In summary, my conversation with the male coworker is to encourage him to find a way of resolving the issue between him and Caren where they can reconcile and he should apologize for the same if it is true that such acts has been happening between them.

        Work CitedRobinson, Sandra L., and Rebecca J. Bennett. “A typology of deviant workplace behaviors: A multidimensional scaling study.” Academy of management journal 38

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