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From the readings, it is evident that interactivity has been evolving and the computerization in the modern world has even made it more complex. Women have been portrayed as struggling to fit in the art world that was male dominated in the years before 1960. More so, they have been described as having self-defeating thoughts that made them be easily subordinated. Despite the concept of interactivity being difficult to comprehend, there are common denominators like the concept of the interface which has retained its relevance over time. The current trend on this is the Graphic User Interface that is continually being made to be user-friendly, and output tailored. A deeper scrutiny of the interface has truly revealed that it hinders immersion, particularly in the modern contemporary computerized virtual world. Participation has also been an integral element of interactivity and has not been interfered with the advancement in technology.  The persona has been impacted negatively resulting in the problem of multiple identities and a form of torture as one interacts with the virtual world with preprogrammed routines. More so, it has continued to limit the human-to-human interaction as the immersion into the fantasy world becomes more acceptable and fashionable. I have also learned that immersion does not necessary need to be computer assisted as Catherine Richards suggested (Malloy 30). Every individual is immersed into the world, a process that does not necessary require electronic assistance to make it a success. Technology will continue shaping interactivity in the future to the extent that the understanding the former will be paramount. More so, the future is likely to have more women taking part in the world of art as the society moves away from patriarchal beliefs system to an era that appreciates exemplary works regardless of the artists’ gender.

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