Greetings!  My name is [Insert Name].  I appreciate this opportunity to introduce you to a few of the leadership skills that I have obtained that I feel have prepared me for application to this program.  Starting as early as middle school, I was recognized for my leadership qualities by being selected to give peer guidance to elementary students in a variety of school-related areas handling such things as personal problems, altercations between students, and cutting classes.  Continuing the leadership path, currently I volunteer at a local Jewish church (Chabad) where I instruct children of varying ages while also leading activities such as miniature fairs and other programs which require me to exercise control and leadership over the children participating in the program.  I also employ qualities of leadership in organizing and participating in projects which help with the upkeep of the Chabad.  This experience has also taught me patience and tolerance which are essential to good leadership across a wide spectrum of circumstances.  While participating in the Marine Military Academy, I took part in their leadership program where I was well-versed in the ways of quality leadership.  Additionally, I am proud to have been recently selected to participate in a program which will take me to the inauguration ceremonies in which we are to be taught other qualities and examples of good leadership.  This experience laid the groundwork from which I am now ready to apply for this program.