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Money can’t buy happiness – essay example

Money is an essential part of our lives for survival, but cat it really bring us happiness? I don’t think so. Most people’s lives revolve around money and how they will spend it on buying luxury things. There are those that think keeping up with trendy cars, houses or fashion will make them permanently happy but that is not so. Happiness cannot be bought. Your attitude towards money plays a role in if you will be happy or not.

This concept of money can’t buy happiness have been following a debate for a longer time with economists, philosophers,  psychologists or financial advisers researching to understand how money is related to happiness.  Over the past years, no research has given a definite answer. However, according to Michael Norton, in the money and happiness video, you cannot buy happiness with money while spending it on yourself. Spending your money for other people’s happiness or on them will give you happiness when you see them happy through you. The problem people have is to spend it on themselves to satisfy their needs and on other necessary things which are not satisfying.

Happiness being the feeling we find within ourselves, an object, in this case money, cannot buy it. However, in the today’s society, people are cherishing money more than life itself. Struggling to make more money to satisfy their material possessions and reach their dreams and in the long run end up miserable. If people understood the notion of money not being everything, this world would be a better place. Some use it for crime and vices but that does not fulfill them sand they end up doing more harm. In some cases the rich who are miserable try give out all their money for charity or people who need it to find salvation but a few die miserable without understanding the importance of happiness than money.

Not only can money buy you material possession but also comfort. However, no matter how much material things you buy, be it a house or a new car, they will not be enough. As they get old, you my still want to purchase another and another. You can buy everything you want but for your comfort but that will not change your happiness status. This trend will continue but they will not be able to change your feelings. Experiencing joy and happiness takes more than material things. You will enjoy and be happy in the moment but most of the time you will be worried on how to keep your materials safe, working on making more money or taking care of them which leaves your thoughts on possessions rather than your feelings.

Having large sums of money does not guarantee you will have happiness. As money is a material possession, it may fade away and leave you unhappy. Money ensures you get the pleasures giving you artificial happiness. Happiness should come from within you. It does not matter if you are rich or poor to be happy. Research has proven that, people who value money more are less mentally healthy and unhappy.

Money cannot be equal to happiness. Money will never be enough. It does not matter how much you have and how you will spend it. You will need to work for more to satisfy you’re spending. Not lacking material things or money does not guarantee you will be happy. Happiness is a permanent feeling which cannot be determined by having money or not. However, there are situations where you can use money to make your happy moments. Evaluating yourself on what makes you happy will help you understand the best way to go about it using money.

If you need total happiness, you may need to find activities that make you happy. You can spend your money on picnics with your family, trips with your friends or parties. All these experience of interacting with people will give you lasting memories for your own happiness. Seeing the joy on your families and friends face is a wonderful feeling which leaves you fulfilled. Relying on money for your happiness is not the best plan as you may be disappointed incase you lose all but your family is for keeps. Strive to make use of your money for the betterment of others and let money have less influence on how you live your life.

Last but not least, money does not make one happy rather comes with great responsibilities. At times it may create boundaries between people but using it for the betterment of others will build your happiness. For a fulfilling life, you need to change your view of money as the cause of your happiness rather the reason behind it. However money is essential it should not be termed as everything.

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