Since my childhood, I have always been obsessed with houses. I would get attracted to any descent, stylish yet simple house. I have envisioned myself in a four storey house with a large compound or a bungalow with 5 rooms but my dream house is none of that. It should be perfect, welcoming and large to fit my family’s needs. Everyone once in a while has an idea of what kind of house they need in when they grow up or have a family.

My dream house should be a perfect definition of my white house. It should be elegant, stylish and large. It should be a one storey building with 6 bedrooms all fitted with king-sized elegant beds. In each bedroom, I would like to have a television set or a music system for entertainment of my family and guests. I love technology and my house should have a Wifi set box for unlimited internet to browse and access my social media accounts at ease. It should have large windows for sufficient airing and lighting. The floor should be beautifully covered in tiles to make it more welcoming wit h a soft carpet.

 I love nature and I want my house to be situated in an enclosed area covered with all types of trees. Environment filled with trees will ensure I have clean air, peace and happiness. Listening to the birds sing is what I love as that gives me joy and leaves me refreshed and encouraged. Flowers of different kinds such as lilies, hibiscus and others should compliment my compound. Having a small garden for my vegetable and fruits is a must. It should have a large compound for playing or rearing animals. A farm is an added advantage as I love farming. The house should be near a mall, school and church for shopping, education and my spirituality respectively.

A unique design is what I need for my house. The design should meet the requirement of a safe house policy for safety. It should have a traditional look with rare stones and good quality materials. It should be bright and colorful as that will bring light to anyone who visits. The doors should be of quality from the mahogany wood preferably, painted deep brown color.  The windows should be uniform with clear window panes. When you enter my house, you should see the beauty within from the bright colored walls, simple sofa sets, elegant dining tables and chair, round glass table to complement the sofa sets. There should be a fireplace in the sitting room for relaxing and warmth during the night or old seasons. There should be a set place for plants or indoor flowers for beauty and other benefits. The interior design should be perfect to give you a beautiful experience when you step into the house.

Since I love cooking, the kitchen should be large and spacious with a large set of kitchen appliances including a refrigerator, microwave, cooker, blender, oven, cooking pots and so on. I have always envisioned having special guests and cooking my delicacies without a struggle. Each bedroom should have a separate bathroom with a shower. The bedroom floor should have a soft carpet for comfort. There should be stylish lampshades for my lamps and a high quality dressing table in each bedroom.

For extra comfort, the living room should have a large television set for more entertainment.  The stairs to the first floor should be strong and stylish with a spiral design. The curtains of my doors and windows should be matching with a great design and traditional feel. The color should complement the comfortable sofa sets and the walls.

My compound should have an enclosed swimming pool for safety of my pets. The pool should be for swimming, relaxing and parties. I want my children learning to swim at a tender age. Near the pool, there should be sought of a beach house for relaxing and for comfort. The flowers should be trimmed as well as the fence.  There should be a piece of art with an engraved image of a heart to symbolize love; a home of love.

We all expect to have a dream house that will fit all our expectations from its location, design and its features. But making it a reality requires a lot of work and resources, like understanding prices in your area by using rent reports like this one, and many other factors. One can take years to achieve a dream house of their choice but before that, you can be contented with the simple house you have as you prepare for it.