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My greatest loss

My relationship with my parents has never been smooth and every time I tried to do something, my dad would advise me otherwise. When I was finishing high school, I realized that I used to perform better in physical activities and artwork, which spiked my attraction to pursue journalism and photography in future. After completing the final high school exam, my parents tried to convince me to join the university and pursue a business related course, something that I had never planned about. For sure, if I had a choice I would have joined a journalism college that would nature my talent of being the best journalist and inspiration in the society. I ended up succumbing into my parents’ wishes and the expectations of the society and thus lost myself into a nightmare of unrealities. This paper focuses on my life story and the way I was forced to join a university that I barely had an interest in and ended up pursuing a course that I disliked. I also encountered a bad experience with my professors who bullied me and took advantage of the disorder I had known as ADHD and Dyslexia. Briefly, I spent my three years in the university doing something I did not envy as a way of making my parents happy.

During my first day on campus, life there seemed boring and to some extent, I found it ironic how most of the students were jovial about joining such a university. Well, I thought maybe it was their own decision to join the university and that may have been the reason for their jovial mood. For me, the university was a nightmare and seeing myself with the other students did not impress me as much. One lady approached me while I was deep in thought and said hi to me. Out of concern, the lady introduced herself and told me her life story of how she dreamt of joining the university and pursuing the course she was enrolled in. She was from a royal family of Dubai and felt quite happy to share her experience with me. I was joyriding in the conversation until the moment she asked about my feeling of being in the university. I told her my family background and the way my parents had struggled to ensure that I had joined this university I explained my horrible experience that I had gone through and told her my dream of becoming a prominent journalist. We walked around the school and made friends with a couple of other friends.

The life I lived in the university was a sad life and I always waited for that opportunity to leave the university and pursue the dream of being the top journalist in the world. Most of my lecturers and advisor did not like me since I was a quiet and an unresponsive student in class. Honestly, a lecturer would teach for two hours and after leaving, I would feel like I have not learnt anything important. My performance in class was also alarming and most of the talks I was called to, would involve my academic performance. It did not take a while for the advisors to discover that I suffered from ADHD and Dyslexia, a disorder that affects the concentration, memory, and motivation when learning. My bitter moments enhanced when the advisors and professors started blaming me and mistreating me for the disorder and found a reason to use me as an example in class. Most of my fellow classmates misunderstood me and gave me no chance to explain myself. This went to an extent of involving my parents and making them pay extra tuition fees thinking that I will improve.

My teachers made fun of me for being a poor performer and instead of helping me improve my performance; they bullied me so much to a point of interrupting my confidence. I tried my best to overcome the challenges and improve my performance but no one came to my rescue. This was a clear indication that my future in that university was short-lived and the earlier I thought of leaving the university, the better it would have been for me. I talked to my parents about the kind of trouble I am experiencing in school but the much they could say is that they have put much effort to keep me in the university and I had to make them proud by completing successfully. This was a total nightmare for me and the fact that nobody empathized with my situation meant that at some point in life, one has to encounter challenges and find a way to overcome them. I spent three years of my academic life struggling and before I finished the undergraduate program, I had decided to start saving part of my pocket money so that I would later enroll in a journalism college.

My plan drew closer, my dream became bigger, and instead of listening to the fading sound of my business lecturers, I started taking an online review of best colleges that offer journalism classes in town. Furthermore, I started watching videos of motivational speakers who inspired me and gave me the esteem to overcome what I had been going through. The fake surrounding, fake friends and the fake smile I had to put every day of my class were things that would end soon and I ended up requesting for an off from the registrar of academics. Finally, I successfully managed to call off my fourth year semester and went home to explain to my parents. The confidence and motivation I had gathered from my self-taught online lessons were enough to put facts on the table and convince my parents that I will not resume classes until I get an experience of my dreams. Luckily, I managed to overcome their sweet-talks and my dad told me to cater for myself if I was not going to listen to their advice. I had planned myself and saved some money, which enabled me to request an admission to the EHAM institute of amateur radio based in India.

In conclusion, I have never felt happier than being part of the environment that I have desired in my life. Taking a year off from my previous university was an excellent opportunity for me to discover and explore myself and do what I have always dreamt of in EHAM. Truly, the radio institution has been an opportunity for me and I never regret leaving my fourth year to start a new career journey. I love my current career life and I have been working hard to be the best journalist in EHAM. Despite the few challenges faced in this career, I believe it is a foundation that is preparing me for a better career success.

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