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My Story

In the undertaking of this assignment, the chief focus will be based on writing a story specifically from the point of view of a young girl who is about to reach the age of marriage in early Chinese society.

Family life

I am an 18 years old lady from a Chinese society. I come from a family of six, having three siblings, two of which are ladies and one man. I am the second born in my family. We live in harmony under one roof with my other relatives.


My religion is Confucianism which is the soul of the Chinese culture. My religion has support among many people in my country though it has never developed to be a national belief. Confucianism has a great influence to the world in that in countries such as USA, UK, its branches have been established to expand Chinese culture spread Chinese language. There are many Confucius temples in China.


According to my culture, the father is the sole provider, protector and maintainer of a family. In relation to marriage, we have an elaborate celebration of the wedding accompanied by ritualistic practices. After marriage, children move into their own homes. The enforced law of one child policy in my country aimed at controlling births rate has affected the my culture which valued the presence of many children in a family.

The plans on how my marriage will be arranged

Marriages in my society are most usually established as a result of Pre-arrangement between the families that are involved. Mine will have to follow the same protocol.

My feelings about the marriage

I oppose the pre- arranged type of wedding because I do not like the man who my Parents want me to get married to. I have my personal choice of the man I would love to send the rest of my life with and I believe I have the right to make my own choice.

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