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Parental and Home Influence on Child Literacy


I remember hearing from a discussion that Mahatma Gandhi said, “every home is a university and the parents are the teachers”.  It is very evident from his words that he recognized the important role of parents in the education of their children.

My Own Childhood Literacy Experience

From introducing the “Alphabet Song” to literally teaching us how to read and write, our parents were our first teachers.  Most often than not, our toddler room was filled with colorful charts of letters and numbers, as if we were actually in a classroom.  Children’s books were everywhere, and who would forget the stories they used to tell us before sleeping?

Child literacy and parent’s involvement at home is a meaningful topic to me.  I believe that my parents had been really good in providing me with the basics of literacy.  At age three, I was singing the alphabet, although I could not really read them all but somehow it prepared my mind for school, that I would be learning more if I would just start loving those letters and so I did.  That was how my interaction with education started and I can say that my parents’ influence on my study habits and interests is positively huge.

The Reasons Why I Chose the Topic

But reality check, my childhood exposure to literacy may not be the same compared to my neighbors’ experiences.  Their parents might have taught them better, or not at all.  Some children in other parts of the world may not even receive any educational help from their families while other parents are fully devoting their time and energy to teach their young ones at an early age to equip them better for school. This may be difficult to tell without a scientific study.  The impact of the influence of the home environment in education is also a very interesting topic, which may conclude the effectiveness of parent’s intervention in the education of their young ones.

In any case, I know that researchers are finding ways to measure the role of parents in their child literacy and there could be ample sources to dig deeper into.  Diverse culture and beliefs might have a great effect to these parental roles, which really caught my interest.

The Things that I am Willing to Learn

How do parental participations around the globe differ from one another in terms of child literacy?  How do other children receive their educational primer?  How effective are these methods?  Are these approaches really helpful?  These are basically the questions that I want to learn when I chose this subject and it is clear to me that in finding the answers, I need to read a lot of literature about this. In addition to this, I want to learn the extent and the effects of these interventions to the child’s success in his or her adulthood.


It is undeniable that home and parental participation in educating the young ones plays a vital role in the literacy of children. One parent’s approach to another may be different to some extent, and may have significant effects to the young learners.  Whatever the case may be, involvement of parents to children’s literacy should always give the latter positive and meaningful experiences because just like any other childhood memories, the end results will always manifest in the future.

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