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I present my personal statement requesting to join Texas State University to pursue degree courses in Radiology and later Journalism. I am moved by the credit the institution has earned for providing comprehensive training to its students in various fields; a factor that makes them outstanding professionals envied by employers and colleagues. Also, the institution has qualified and experienced personnel who apart from teaching the students also act as mentors and a source of motivation. Moreover, the sophisticated and well-furnished library, the students are given every opportunity to exploit their potential to realize their dreams (Texas State University np). The serene environment encompassing the college and the strategic location offer a conducive and safe learning atmosphere.

Moreover, the availability of a department that presides over sporting activities and the modern playing grounds within the institution is reason enough that the college values talent and is working towards nurturing the talents of all the students who obtain admission to the college. Furthermore, the excellent performance in tournaments and academic fairs underscores the fact that the students receive an all-round training that makes them fit to hold any position in the society. As a relief to the students, the college offers a scholarship to students who join it and those who do an exemplary work at undergraduate level have an opportunity to further their studies (Texas State University np). These are reasons enough to make the institution competitive not only within the United States but also globally. My desire to be a student in the school springs forth from these strong points.

I recognized my interest in Radiology in the course of my job as a coach both for soccer and basketball. I admired the radiologists who attended to the injured sportspersons. The X-ray, the MRI and the CT scan images revealed a lot about fractures and internal organ injuries; pieces of information which were very invaluable to the doctors. I realized it is a field that has transformed the practice of medicine especially surgery which has come from trial and error invasion to a more focused invasion (Raby, Laurence, Simon and Lacey 129). It has also become key in diagnostic medicine used by both physicians and surgeons. This practice has reduced the number of accidents during surgery and hastened recovery apart from making surgery even less invasive. I have always wanted to reduce the people’s suffering by inflicting the least amount of pain to them, and so I am strongly convinced Radiology is an option.

Journalism is my second option after Radiology, and I believe it is also an important area that will enable me to transform the lives of many people and get to learn from them (Huffman and Dana 67). I have a strong feeling that the masses are left to dwell in ignorance on many matters that are pertinent to life. In a bid to provide enlightenment to the people I get to interact with, I consider Journalism as a platform for meeting and reaching out to many. Additionally, the practice of Journalism will enable me to mingle with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and get to understand their view of life (Craft and Charles 78). It offered an opportunity to travel across the world and get to unearth some of the truths that have been lying concealed that could benefit the listeners should they be told. Consequently, I will be in a position to build on my language competence and allow my passion for languages to thrive.

I am anticipating graduation from High School having garnered a GPA of 4.0; a score which I attained after hard and relentless work in school. I was also the best student in languages and sciences in my school a passion for which I still hold to date. These qualities have earned me a place in the National Health Service (NHS) where I have acquired some experience in the management and care of patients. Working in NHS has given me an opportunity to interact with radiologists and an in-depth understanding of the field of Radiology and the requirements to pursue a course in it. Moreover, my love for sports and working with children has enabled me to identify the interests of young persons and how to handle them which is an important quality for physicians. I have also gotten to learn the grievances they harbor that have not been addressed in the times past and a lot more issues they are oblivious about.

Another motivation for joining college is the fact that my parents did not attend one. They were not privileged to come from a background that valued education and even the little they acquired was a struggle. They had the dream of transforming the society through their studies, and since their time is past, I endeavor to fulfill their dreams. More is that I desire to be a role model to the young generation through offering informed advice and leading the way for them to follow. That is only possible if I get admission to the university and preferably Texas State University. The part-time job as a coach is not capable of satisfying the needs I have as well as those of my parents. Therefore, the only way to secure better employment opportunities is through advancing my education beyond High School.

Overall, I admire Texas State University for the prowess it has showcased in the training of students in the academic realm as well as the efforts it is making to nurture talent; an aspect ignored by many other institutions of higher learning. I am also moved by the robust resources such as the well-stocked library, the dedicated teaching personnel, and the advanced research centers available at the institution that has put it on the map of world-class universities. These punctuated with a serene environment and favorable learning atmosphere offers more than any student would need to excel. The consistent outstanding performance in sporting activities augurs well with my love for sports and exploitation of my talents in soccer and basketball. Additionally, my dedication to my studies, passion for Radiology and Journalism and desire to live the dreams of my parents are enough reasons to keep me on course while undertaking my studies at the University. I commit to being a dedicated student focused to my reason for being at the university should I be considered for admission. I shall utilize every opportunity available and the talents I have to ensure the goals of the college are met. Moreover, I will be an ambassador for the institution carrying along with me the good name it has acquired and fostering the same through my actions and the services I will be asked to provide. I at this moment remain awaiting consideration to join your prestigious institution.

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