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Persuasive essay on school uniform

School uniforms have been around since the 16th century and its use was respected greatly. These beautiful clothes will ensure you understand your responsibility as a student and the social equality within the school. The society and learning institutions are encouraging the use of uniform for all students for the positive impacts made from the past years.

With varying designs and colors to fit each students needs, uniforms are a unifying factor. They mean respect and no judgment on appearance.

School uniforms are a unifying factor. Since students come from different backgrounds, they may have varying statuses. That is why the society and the learning institutions emphasize on uniform use to bring all students together not looking at their social status.

 This decreases social conflicts where the students identify each other in a group being superior to the rest. This has a positive effect on the students who feel not different from the others and this builds their self esteem.

They not only take a shorter time to sew but also putting on. The material used is also easy to wash and dry. Most students will find it difficult when selecting outfits to wear to school each day, especially girls who feel the need to surpass in their looks. If this time is invested in important things such as homework or studying, they will be better performers.

School uniforms encourage learning. Students will mostly concentrate on their studies rather than their wardrobes and how to improve them. By using civilian clothes they will be more concerned of what to wear the next day, how to buy a new one and what trend to keep up with.

This is because; they feel the need to look more beautiful and stylish than the rest. The uniform on the other hand will ensure they concentrate as their minds will not wander around on show to impress other students. It ensures they are unified and have the sane appearance for a friendly learning atmosphere.

The issue of school uniform will save the parents from unnecessary spending. Not all of them are able to afford decent outfits for their children. Spending on descent and designer clothes may be quite expensive especially to those struggling to make ends meet. Uniforms on the other hand will be purchased once in a year and used for the entire year.

Students will embrace oneness. School uniform is very important as the students have a sense of belonging. This can greatly reduce conflicts among them as they feel as a community. There are less gangs formed which terrorize either the rich or the poor as they recognize themselves as one. Wearing the uniform all the time proves the students loyalty to their school.

The uniform makes it easy for identification. If each school has a uniform, its students will be easily noticeable in case they are involved in bad activities such as crime or got an accident. Witnesses can make a follow-up to their school with ease. Different schools have uniforms which do not look alike and you can access their name from the badge.

Most importantly, uniforms are a form of pride. Students who wear uniform will always feel proud of their school. Each time they have to act like ambassadors as the outside world will notice them and what they are made of. It creates an identity for the school and the students. This teaches the students to dress smartly and decently for future job opportunities. They also relieve students of pressure on how they look as they all are dressed the same. Bullies have lacked targets for their insults for their victim’s poor dressing as they all possess the same uniform. And lastly, there is no competition between the most well dressed as all belong to the same class.

Additionally, the uniform has been proven to improve self esteem and discipline. Students gives their attention to the school an avoid disruptions such as fashion competitions as well as gang dressing. Having a similar uniform will keep them safe and have a feeling of belonging. They do not have to worry about being intimidated with how they dress. They will be disciplined when in and out of the school compound for better future.

As you can see, school uniforms are the only solution for schools.  They may be viewed as traditional but they help a great deal. From improving self esteem, discipline, sense of belonging, identity, saving costs, form of pride, better learning, saves time and unifies students; uniforms are the way to go. More schools should embrace the use of uniforms rather than playing along with fashion brands which confuse learners more.

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