The video explores an immense police action in Philadelphia that was marked by a helicopter bombing on the control center of a radical organization referred as the MOVE (Gonzalez, Africa, Jamal, & Goodman, 2010). In my opinion, top officials from the city government should have been criminally charged for their negligent activities that led to the death of six grownups, five youngsters, and shattered an entire community composed of sixty-five homes. It sounds unfair and injustice that no legal action was undertaken to those behind the operation despite two grand adjudicators inquiries establishing that the top executives were utterly remiss. On the same note, I perceive the actions of the police as a reflection of perfect impunity in the city since innocent children were shot and scorched together with their parents. The police should have followed the law by arresting the members of the group and aligning them in court for them to receive a fair trial. Therefore, this would have helped in evading the massacre that took place in the city.

The fire department depicted incompetence and acted in an unprofessional way by watching buildings ignite and cutting off water (Gonzalez, Africa, Jamal, & Goodman, 2010). The officials from the department should have been held liable for refusing to put off the fire so as to minimize the damage on the buildings and save lives. Similarly, the aspect of corruption has been reflected in the city covered by the video. I think court officials had been bribed so as to turn a blind eye on the incidence and prosecute any survivor with a riot charge. On the same note, the city’s politicians, media, churches, and houses of worship failed to condemn the bombing that destroyed property and took innocent lives. Therefore, this indicates that the institutions served money and power, an act that would make the locals lose their trust and faith in them. According to my analysis of the video, I think all those involved in massacre should be probed and a legal action instituted if found guilty.

ReferenceGonzalez, J., Africa, R., Abu-Jamal, M., & Goodman, A. (2010). 25 years ago: Philadelphia police bombs MOVE headquarters killing 11, destroying 65 homes. Democracy now! Retrieved from