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In the undertaking of this assignment, the chief objective is focused on writing a review for the book “In Plato’s Cave from the book: On Photography,” by Susan Sontag.

In her book, Susan Sontag starts by claiming that more images surround us and require our attention. She illustrates the difference in the way people used to take photos in the 1839’s and now. New codes about photography have been used. Susan states ‘To collect photos is equal to managing the world.’ In modern photography, she continues to explain how it is easy to capture still photography because they are easy to carry wherever you go, they are cheap regarding production and light weight.

Photographs can be easily seen in the different things that surround us, for example, on the streets through billboards, posters, and newspapers. They become valuable, and people want to buy them suddenly. The photographs are exhibited in museums, magazines use them on the cover page, and one can’t ignore photos. For quite some time, the book has been the best way of storing photos, therefore, they stay for long.

Photos have been used to keep memories, to capture moments, to display the beauty and lastly to maintain a record or history. According to Susan, photography has its ethics and rules that need to be followed. Sometimes on can break these principles provided they capture the moment.

Photography in modern technology has been taken not only as a hobby but a career too. It has been taken to a different level of art as compared to how it was viewed in the olden days. According to Susan, photography makes us feel like we know this world more than we thought we did. She appreciates the fact that it exists in the first place and the fact that it elicits different feelings and emotions on people.

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