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Physical beauty versus inner beauty essay example

Beauty may have a different meaning on those who perceive it.  Do you know that beauty has two kinds? There exists in Inner and physical (outer). Physical beauty is on the outside of the body Also known as the physical attributes. It is best described as elegance, features, complexion, and figure. On the other hand, inner beauty is base on the mind of an individual.

It is best seen in love, strength, hope, power, and character. However, inner beauty has more to offer than the physical, most people judge using what they see. The appearance is more important to them. Because of this, most people are looking for means to change the appearance to that of what they think is the right one. These two terms are very different from one another but one cannot do without the other. You will always need both.

Inner beauty keeps friends. A person with inner beauty understands and knows how to treat others, unlike the physical attributes. Outer beauty may draw friends on your side as they may feel the need to be associated with your looks but it will be hard keeping them as your character, attitude, personality or how you treat them would not be a perfect reason for them to stay.

If you have the perfect personality based on love, hope, encouragement, understanding and forgiveness, it will surely draw people to you as they can interact with you freely without being judged. The only way the outer attributes can keep friends is through bullying and harassment. Moreover, romantic relationships depend on inner beauty as you can solve the issues inside you easily and intelligently.

Most relationships do not give credit to people who can only offer their physical as it requires more for it to thrive.

Physical beauty fades with time. Most people are more concerned how they look and go to the extent of using poisonous products to make them younger and look more beautiful. All this is not required. You only need to feed your inner beauty which will never grow old even if your face grows old with wrinkles.

Accepting yourself the way you are will help you not have the pressure of changing yourself to make other people happy. As time goes by, our bodies too age. This affects our bodies but it is a normal process. Most people are taught of the importance of the physical beauty but what they forget is you will not stay young forever.

On the contrary, your personality, character and your good deeds will always be recognized no matter your age. 

Physical beauty is quite expensive. Most people use expensive products to keep their skin looking young and flawless as well as getting the body shape they desire. All this costs a lot and many people cannot afford it. 

There are scenarios where these products people use on their skin react negatively and thus causes serious problems such as cancer, allergies or even burns. Treating these conditions is very costly and it is unfortunate the side effects are not reversible. However, since the society requires us to remain beautiful, we still use them after knowing their dangers.

On the other hand, inner beauty cannot be bought to be corrected. It is something learnt and practiced to mature over time. It comes as a result of manner, values, behavior and actions. Inner beauty is gold and thus expensive for most people to achieve.

Inner beauty is very important. Since it is associated with pure truth, it is worth fighting for. People will always be attracted to ones personality, their confidence, good behavior and good deeds. However, it is only a few people who have inner beauty or both.

On the other hand, outer beauty does not have realistic strength and is driven by shallow mind. In our society today, most people have the notion of modifying their beauty and fake has become the beautiful. They no longer praise the inner beauty but rather judge according to what they see.

Both inner and physical beauty is very important in the society. People may notice you from your outside but your inner personality is recognized easily.

The outer consists of a perfect figure, attractive smile , beautiful face and whatever you view as beautiful on your body while the inner guarantees you a kind heart, understanding , love and so on. All these kind of beauty are influenced by people around us for example family, friends, classmates and our community. To be a better person, you need to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. It all starts by accepting who you are and not changing you for anyone. Everybody is unique and beautiful.

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