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Quality of Service at the Remington Hotel

1) Remington Hotel according to the essay looks like demand is on the rise and service here need to be maintained. Upon the arrival of Mr. Spenser at the airport, he expected to get a room after seeing the advertisement board on behalf of the hotel stating that one can book a room. The employee assigned to the airport should have information from the hotel concerning what is available or not. It shows the lack of knowledge from the employee and also a lack of communication from the both the hotel and the employee. Double booking a room was a sign of poor communication among the staff while handing over took place.

2) There was also no sign of urgency from the Service desk manager because upon knowing that Mr. Spenser was given keys to an occupied room, 10 minutes had passed before somebody came to open another room for them. Responsiveness should be improved first because in the whole scenario the Remington failed to recognize the customers’ needs and concerns. Even after the guests bring their concerns to them, they neglected to act or find a solution and instead ignored them. Lack of the bell boy in the hotel also degraded the hotel in a way that it is unprofessional for the guests to carry their luggage because the hotel standard rules require the guest to get bellboy services.

3) With the previous review, it shows that the customer responsiveness has gone down keeping in mind Madeline had acquired the data in one day. Madeline will need to gather information from past experiences and working conditions to better understand where the root of the problem is.

4) With the review the predecessor gave Madeline, it is critical that guests who come to a hotel should be provided with what the hotel advertises. Madeline would need to assess the relation between the customer and the employees, and how they practice teamwork to ensure that every guest is given the best service possible to ensure how useful the teamwork between them is.

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