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I have worked with the applicant at Jongang News Paper for over one year. During this period I got to learn and understand her personality and I strongly believe that Pharmacy is the most suitable field for her. Her humility enables her to get along with people around her and gives her the ability to access herself accurately. She puts her ego aside ad gives her best without expectations and she is always willing to help others. She is also persistent in her endeavours evidenced by her zeal and consistency to work hard without giving up despite difficulties or oppositions she may be facing.

Her perseverance stands out when she maintains positivity, optimism and endurance in discouraging moments and situations.  She has also proven to be a fast learner to her employees because she listed, learns and applies what she is taught or instructed without delay and accurately. It is therefore my belief that her strengths and individual traits will have a positive effect in her performance in the field of pharmacy.

The applicant has also acquired relevant and positive experience as an intern journalist as well as a technician in Walgreen pharmacy. As an intern journalist she was able to familiarise herself with drugs, their manufacture and the emerging technological trends in the field of pharmacy. She engaged in extensive research and analysis of information that had anything to do with pharmacy at her workplace.

Similarly, the period she spent as a technician prepared her for the pharmacy degree program in different ways. She engaged herself in scientific experiments and tests that trained her into becoming accurate through paying attention to details and instructions given.  She also gradually learnt how to clean and maintain laboratory and medical equipment as well as safe disposal of chemicals after carrying out experiments. I believe her experience would be crucial and beneficial in her future performance, therefore I highly recommend the applicant for the pharmacy degree program.

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