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Should Students Take short Session?

Thesis: Students should not take short sessions, so that they could cope with the challenge that emanates from impacts that affect the level of participation and learning negatively.

Experts argue that in short sessions there is an absence of continuous learning. This is something that can be found in long-termed learning sessions. As a result, the level of student’s concentration is affected. Importantly, short learning sessions tend to impose a lot of pressure upon the students because of a limited time dedicated in learning as well as their brief nature (Butler and Henry 522). Thus, in the long perspective, a student may not be in a position to comprehend previous learning or the students will always experience understanding challenge because of the comprehended material that have to be addressed in a very short period of time. To avoid such situation and increase the level of learning, students of short sessions should not be implemented in the school curricula.

Importantly, education experts hold the view that short sessions do not induce students to attend the actual lectures. Short sessions are comprised of a limited duration. Thus, the students are compelled to solely focus on the lessons instead of getting a detailed explanation from professor to better understand the topic. As a result, the students end up missing on learning engagement because of putting too much focus on the learning of complicated things forgetting that the main target is understanding and not getting the grade. In response to the presented idea, it can be argued that longer session provides a possibility to adjust, comprehend, and internalize the requisite knowledge.

Summarily, students short sessions have more negative impacts rather than actual gains in as evidenced by research studies and experiments. As a result, in the curriculum, a more suitable session should be designed and implemented to ensure commonly experienced challenges are alleviated. Therefore, it is a choice of every student how to manage their educational process and what form of education to choose regarding all the benefits and minuses discussed above.

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