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For some people, snowboarding is just a regular activity or something to try out when having fun or while on vacation. For me, however, snowboarding is a personal hobby of pleasure, my passion, and more importantly, a way to existentially feel alive. It is the best way to instill discipline and patience in a person. At the advanced level, there are different types of snowboarding, such as backcountry riding, riding snowboard parks, and cliff riding. Personally, I enjoy cliff riding because of its interesting nature. It is the biggest adrenaline rush type of snowboarding, fulfilling me every time I snowboard since it looks more dangerous compared to others.

While on the unforgiving slopes of the mountain, I must give all of my attention to the slope. For example, I cannot have the slightest whiff of hesitation when choosing paths, and I must change edges with great caution and determination because any slight mishap during high-velocity downslope activity could prove fatal. The split second of making decisions down the slope is both daunting and frightening, but also exhilarating, and I savor the moments of complete absorption and self-awareness. I could twist and turn every part of my body, while the sharp surge of cold air coming in my nose and to my lungs. The urge for oxygen has never been that intense. My heart pounds steadily and firmly with high energy and rhythm of life. Every throb makes me realize what being sensually alive truly is. With snowboarding, I am capable of learning new things every day, and that is what life entails. It is full of moguls, but fortunately, in the end, prepared persons make it through.

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