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Television Advertising

Television Advertising

Advertising is a non-personal marketing communication used by business through media channels to inform, persuade and convince the public or the intended customers of a product or service offered by the company or organization, some of the media through which advertisement is done, Television, the Internet, radio, magazines, and others. Over the years advertising through television had been more prevalent as compared to other forms but due to the advancement in technology, and secure access to data, more and more people spend time on other forms of media, specifically the Internet. The following discussion will enlighten us on how television advertising has evolved with time.

According to (Hanafizadeh & Behboudi, 2012) majority of people spend more time on the internet compared to watching television, which has, in turn, attracted a substantial number of advertisers, a clear indication that television advertising is gradually losing its tact. Furthermore, the need for effective advertisement medium, time and speed over which the advertisement gets to the target consumer is well supported over the internet

In my opinion, television advertisement has lost its grip due to technological and social media knowledge advancement that has seen a majority of young and a share of educated old people of this century to prefer more the use of the internet. The emergence of smartphones and tablets coupled with the availability of the cheap mobile data for internet access has further almost brought television broadcast to its knees, due to the change in viewing habit, as well as live video content can also be easily streamed over the internet.

From the above, it is wise to say that television is no longer the powerful advertising channel; the internet has overtaken the old medium.

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