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The Arctic’s Big Year- Save It Now or Be Sorry Later

The Article ‘The Arctic’s Big Year- Save It Now or Be Sorry Later’ is written by a marine conservational biologist, Richard Steiner, who indicates that the Arctic ice is degrading, and it is our choice to decide whether to encourage industrialization or save the ice. As indicated by Steiner, the Artic sea ice has degraded by half over the last forty years, and instead of efforts being put to recover the ice, the private companies are still extorting the resources. The main cause of the degradation of the sea ice is the climate change that has occurred due to increased emission of toxic gasses, such as carbon dioxide. Most private companies have located opportunity in the Arctic, such as extracting minerals, petroleum, and fishing. The impact of their actions towards the Artic sea ice will be disastrous to the ecosystem and the Arctic’s nature. Steiner urges the Union governments to rethink their activities in the Arctic and provide restrictive measures to ensure that the ice top of our planet is still maintained.

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