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The Environmental Crisis: The Devil Is in the Generalities

The author in the text addresses the danger of using the term “environment.” According to the text, it is inappropriate to continue using it due to its general nature. The author identifies two major problems associated with the use of this term.

The first problem highlighted is the fact that the usage of term makes it difficult to incorporate measurements with real data. For example, it is very easy to measure the specific aspects of environment, such as pollution, but it is impossible to measure environment. The text, therefore, encourages each and every stakeholder to start looking at the issue of environment using its specifics. Narrowing down to а particular aspect makes it easier to collect facts and research backing them with statistics.

The second concern addressed by the author is the issue of environmental crisis which originates from the lack of data and statistics about the specific aspects of environment. The problem has also been caused by the fact that many experts have not come to an agreement on what should be measured. This has limited the knowledge various players have about the specific aspects of the environment.

The writer makes use of ethos in his presentation. This is evident by how he uses his expertise in addressing the issue of environmental crisis. The way he presents the argument also proves convincing. This is seen especially by his illustration on how he was able influence the perception on the issue of environment on the journalist and the environmental science student. This text gives a well-argued stand on how we should address the issue of environment to avoid any crisis.

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