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The Great Gatsby-Platonic Conception

The Great Gatsby-Platonic Conception inspires the conception of character, abilities, and dreams of becoming someone you want to be. Thus, the ideal person I want to be resides in the dream of becoming a doctor. I have cultured an interest in human health, hence, I would love to be the one among other people in the world who participate in human health activities to improve the quality of life of every person who I get to interact with medically. I may be crazy in dreaming of being a perfect doctor, but in hard work, research, and practices, I am for the contention that life is so surreal, sacred, and worth protecting. Therefore, I owe my allegiance to incorporate all the necessary methods and mechanisms to ensure that such a dream is fulfilled.

Subsequently, the driving factor of perusing the medical profession dream, other than being an academic field, I believe it is a call to me by some superpowers that I cannot explain. The urge to save lives, research into new medication technologies, find medications that every individual can afford are some reasons that make me have sleepless nights. On the contrary, some doctors who I have observed do not follow the medical profession oath โ€œputting human life first at all costs.โ€ I aspire to rise to some leadership position in the health sector to ensure that the oaths are implemented and that codes of conducts in line with honoring such responsibilities and obligation to perform are enacted.

Determination, zeal, and agility within me have shaped my personality. In combination, they work in harmony and endeavor to push me to never say no to possibilities. I believe my dream will come true and I will wake up to be the ideal doctor I want to become, if I work hard and associate with the right people.

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