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The New Indian Express, Oct 22, 2017

The article that discusses the current macroeconomics event is ‘The New Indian Express, Oct 22, 2017’. It addresses the issues of unemployment stating that unemployment is the state of idleness of resources including the workforce. Unemployment rates are seen to be rampant globally but more in the developing and the undeveloped nations. According to the New Indian Express Oct 22, 2017, as Indians head to elections, a meeting is set where PM Rahul has unemployment issue among the major agenda to be discussed. The journal advocates solving the issue of unemployment to better the economy. It indicates that with an economy not achieving full employment, its production capacity is usually not at peak and the scarcity issue will always be there. Therefore, unemployment is an issue that should be addressed to achieve economic growth.

Gross Domestic Product

This is the dollar value of already finished goods and services that are manufactured in the country for a year. It is used to measure the health status of an economy. A high GDP value reflects a healthy economy status and vice versa. In the New Indian Express Oct 22,  2017, India has been posing a worrying trend in the recent months. Thus, they seek to promote private investments to re-achieve robust GDP growth. They also plan to focus on unutilized capacities such as the construction sector, daily and engineering to achieve growth.


It refers to the constant rise in commodity prices over time. Increase in commodity prices, in turn, affect interest rates making credit facilities inaccessible to people. The New Indian Express, Oct 22, 2017, is calling for a cut to universal credit delays because people are not able to access credit which has made their lives unbearable.

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