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The North Korea vs.US Debacle

Recent times have seen increased hostilities between the US and North Korea. The article “Trump White House debates presidential visit to demilitarized zone along North Korean border” is an examination of the implications of the US president’s actions with regards to the impending war. The president’s visit to the demilitarized zone has several implications on the conflict and may have significant ramifications for the involved parties.

According to Nakamura, the US administration is divided on whether the president should visit the region or avoid it completely on his 12-day tour of five Asian countries. The initiative is intended to “bolster international pressure on Pyongyang” (Nakamura). Essentially, there are those within the administration who feel that the move is ill-advised and should be avoided completely. Alternatively, others are inclined towards the opinion that the move is ill-advised and reckless given the mockery that the president has incessantly extended the North Korean region. Countries such as Japan fear that the act could provoke military confrontation which could harm the Asian financial markets. Still, the article concludes that the president’s security team could achieve a visit that achieves a symbolic message without the need to further injure the relationships between North Korea and the US. I agree with the article’s contention that the president’s visit to the DMZ might have both positive and negative ramifications.

The post-colonialism theory could be used to infer on the events that will take place at the DMZ. Essentially, US commitment to the protection of the interests of South Korea can be inferred to mirror its commitment to countries that are inclined towards the capitalistic framework. The posy-colonial theory can also be used to explain the hostility that the US extends towards North Korea given its commitment to the communist stand.



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