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Top 5 Aspects of Children’s Physical Development

The physical development of children depends largely on an individual’s environment. Parents, teachers, family members and schoolmates play a huge role in the way a child develops right after birth. If you are looking for ultimate physical health for your loved ones, you have come to the right place.

This chart represents children’s physical development in different ages.

Age in yearsPhysical Activity
6 moths-1Sits with support, grabs objects from surfaces, stands with support
1-2Can stand alone for minutes, makes baby steps, builds tower of 6 cubes,
2-3Climbs stairs, imitates motions, speaks in sentences, feeds self, knows his name
3-4Skips on a single foot, stumbles on items, imitates dancing
4-5Skips on both feet, controls gravitational force, makes incoherent drawings
5-6Coordinated walking, muscles develop, hand and brain coordination
6-7Can shoot a football at goal, legible handwriting , throw a stone 20 feet away
7-8Motor skills fully developed, baby fat disappears, less emotional tantrums
8-9Can bathe alone, clothes self, drive small toy cars
9-10Can spell words, knows parent’s names, all baby teeth lost


  1. Parental Interaction

As parents are the first people with whom a child interacts after birth, they are the biggest contributors to their physical development. Children from abusive marriages are often disturbed, malnourished and even depressed.

If you drink or smoke in the presence of your children, they might learn the habits and suffer grave physical and mental consequences. Parents should encourage, lead and cause children to be physically active. Sadly, this is not always the case. In modern times where people are busy working, parents leave their loved ones at the mercy of house helps or older siblings.

  1. Diet and Nutrition

You are what you eat. This fact applies to children just as it does to adults. Make it a priority to provide all food types to your children. Does your child’s day care centre provide healthy, nutritious food? If not, your child’s physical development is at peril.

As they enjoy their balanced diet, allow them to move around and be active. Exercise complements diet as far as a child’s physical development is concerned. Do not be the type of parent who tunes to cartoon channels all day in an attempt to ‘keep the kids busy’. The last thing you want is to end up with coach potatoes.

3.Social Interaction

Your newborn child will interact with people outside his home sooner rather than later. Ensure that these are people of high moral character. Let children decline anything offered by strangers. These could be sweets laced with drugs to obstruct your child’s growth.

Some of the movies that they watch at your neighbours’ houses could encourage them to learn fighting. While you can do little to observe their every move, know what social interaction your kids are up to with friends and schoolmates.

  1. Physical Education

This should always be a subject in school. Teachers must encourage children to play, as this leads to better all-round development. Physical activity is imperative for stronger bones, healthy body tissue, muscle formation and development.

Schools should encourage physical activity by holding inter-class sports competitions. Award the little ones for winning these activities to further spur interest.

  1. Rest and Sleep

The fact that children who enjoy enough sleep develop faster cannot be overemphasized. Lack of sleep slows down cell-building mechanisms, effectively causing stunted growth. A good night sleep supplies the brain with enough energy to trigger physical development.

Children’s vulnerability and innocence means that they learn, adapt and adopt what older people do and say. Do not expect them to exercise of you are a lazy person yourself. Lead by example and they will follow suit.


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