Top Essay Writing Service for Students – Reviews and Best Choices for 2019

Top Essay Writing Service for Students – Reviews and Best Choices for 2019

It can be risky business – locating and using an online writing service for your essays and papers. You want to find one with the best reputation and that satisfies your other needs:

  • one that provides safety in terms of confidentiality,
  • one that will give the best essay writing help,
  • one that offers quick writing, if you are working with an urgent deadline
  • one that is affordable
  • one that uses only professional writers with degrees and experience
  • one that other students have used and can recommend in terms of quality and reliability

It’s a tall order. And you can spend hours, even days, researching essay writing websites, reading reviews, and then finally taking a chance on what you hope is the best writing service for your needs.

Choosing the Best Writing Company You Can Have Another Option

Rather than spend so much time searching for and then researching to find the top essay writing services, you can find all of the information you need right here. We have done the legwork for you and have provided the essay writing services reviews that will let you make the best decision for you academic writing needs.

Based upon our extensive research, we have compiled the top ten list of best assignment writing services for college students. This list is based upon our extensive research – research that you do not now need to do.

Sit back, read through our essay writing services reviews, and then choose the best online essay writing service for your needs.

All of these 10 services meet critical criteria that we established up front. They are reputable in terms of the quality of writers they use; they provide complete confidentiality for their customers; and they provide important policies and guarantees that protect personal and financial information, and that provide for customer satisfaction.

With these critical up-front criteria out of the way, we have now prepared our list for you to review and make your selection. Here are our top picks for 2019.

This writing service offers every type of academic writing to students at all study levels. Students get customized, original writing works that are some of the best we have ever seen. You can choose between an American or a UK writer, the cost is reasonable, and you cannot beat the customer service. For original research and writing, for highly skilled writers, and for compliance with every detailed specification you provide, we believe this is the best essay writing service for your money.


The one element that stands out about this writing service is the top-quality writing staff it has been able to accumulate over the years. Their degrees and credentials are just exceptional. And with writers like this, students receive amazing pieces of writing – from custom essay, research paper, doctoral thesis/dissertation to everything in between. You can’t go wrong here for a good price and great customer service.

We want to state that this is the best essay writing service in the U.S.A., although it serves English-speaking students all over the globe. It has top ratings from its customers on major review sites, and all reviewers state that they receive top-quality academic works and have lots of communication with their personally-assigned writers. While the focus is on college level writing, students at all academic levels can order and receive any type of academic writing assignment. If you are looking for the best custom essay writing service, this is one of them.

This writing service has been around for years, so it has had time to accumulate an exceptional team of writers with all levels of degrees in every field of academic study. Its reputation has been well established, and it continues to live up to that. It is a best rated essay writing service on a number of review sites, and for good reason. Students who need anything from a high school term paper, to a university essay or paper, to a graduate level research work or project, you will be provided a fully qualified writer to meet your every demand. We are quite high on this writing company.

One of the things we like best about Classy Essay is it commitment to impeccable writing pieces. To this end, every finished work is thoroughly reviewed by an editing staff. By the time you receive it, there is not even a comma out of place. Beyond that, though, is just great research, great customer service, and great personalized relationships with its customers. If you are looking for a qualified writer who stays in touch and delivers exactly what you want, this company is for you.


One of the things we love about this writing service is its blog – an amazing variety of pieces completed by the company’s own writers. Of course, that’s not your priority, and we get it. You are looking for the best college essay writing service you can find. Never fear, this is one of the best. With a huge staff of writers from all curricular fields and with all levels of degrees, you can’t go wrong here. You will get original research and writing, on-time delivery, and a piece of writing you can submit with pride. You may come to see that Trust My Paper is the best college essay writing service on the market.


Edu Birdie has a business model that is now being adopted by many other writing services. You submit your university essay or paper details and then are provided with a number of writers who are “bidding” on your project. You can interview the candidates, look at their profiles, and then choose the one the you believe will suit your needs best. From that point, everything occurs between you and your writer – the company stays in the background and holds your payment until you tell it to release it to the writer. If you believe you can judge writer quality, then this site may be for you.


Grade Miners has been in the academic writing business for 10 years and is still going strong. It prides itself in its large team of writers and in on-time delivery, all at a reasonable cost. And it offers the standard guarantees of customer satisfaction and direct communication with writers that other professional services do. Students at any level of study can order everything from essays to Ph.D. dissertations. Grade Miners claims to be the best American essay writing service for college, and you can be the judge of that.


Essay Shark is another writing service that allows you to pick your writer. You submit your order details, and qualified writers then contact you with their bids. You can “interview” these bidders through live chat and review their profiles before making a selection. A lot of students like this option rather than having a service select the writer for them, and you may too. One of the major benefits is that your payment is not released until you are satisfied with the delivered piece of writing – that’s certainly a big plus


Papers Owl is a professional service with several years under its belt. It offers all of the standard academic writing services to students through PhD. Programs. And, when you get ready to seek your first career position, it has a department that helps to prepare resumes/CV’s and cover letters. One rather unique feature is that students can access the site and use its plagiarism checker and its citation generator. If you feel comfortable “interviewing” writers who are bidding on your order, then you will probably feel comfortable with the process of choosing your own writer from their pool.

Are There Others Out There?

Of course there are – millions of them. If you Google the term online writing services, in fact, you will get over 2 billion results. That is astounding. And with that many results, there are of course millions of writing services that may, indeed, be professional.

But there are far more unprofessional and downright fraudulent services that come and go like day and night. They open their doors, provide terrible writing products, and, when there are enough complaints, they simply close their doors and open up under another name. Others stick around longer, relying on their cheap prices and poor ESL students in developing countries to work for pennies. Their approach is that, as a famous American person once said, “There is a sucker born every minute.” Each year, a new population enters high school, college, and graduate programs all over the English-speaking world, and they provide new “victims.”

If You Want to Engage in Your Own Search to Find Your Own Top Essay Writing Service

We do not recommend this, and have to ask why? Perhaps you are looking for a cheaper price. Ask yourself this question: How much will a truly English native speaker with a degree charge to write a paper? Do you think he will work for under $12 a page for a high school essay? Absolutely, he would not.

Here are the typical activities of an inferior and unprofessional writing agency:

  1. They use ESL writers who are willing to work for cheap. In their countries, money goes a lot further.
  2. Writers for these sites access free databases of academic writing, download relevant pieces and attempt to rewrite them. The result is either very poor writing or a charge of plagiarism
  3. Customers are not allowed to communicate directly with their writers. If the customer is not happy with the result, it’s just too bad.
  4. Customer service is either poor or non-existent
  5. For your money, you get a piece of writing you cannot submit to an instructor.

If you still insist on doing your own research, then you should follow these tips:

  1. Look for a phone number and call the service directly. Speak to a customer service agent and ask detailed questions.
  2. If there is no phone number, there should at least be a live chat feature.
  3. Read through the entire site – all pages. How is the writing quality? If the content on the site is not written well, leave immediately. This is a foreign site with foreign writers
  4. Check writing service review sites and see if they are listed and what others have to say.
  5. Order a short one-page piece, provide your detailed instructions and a deadline, and see if they meet the quality and service you need.
  6. If they have a blog or samples, read a couple – again, check the quality of writing.

How We Selected Our Top Ten Services

We only reviewed writing services that met our basic criteria as stated above. Once those initial criteria were met, we then moved in to dig deeper into an evaluation.

  1. We checked out the assessments of others on writing service review sites.
  2. We contacted customer service on a few occasions, and asked very detailed questions. We like to see representatives who are obviously employees of the company, who have been trained, and know what they are talking about. Many companies use answering services, and those agents cannot answer the tough questions and do not have a stake in the company or its customers
  3. We ordered a short research paper, provided very specific instructions, and gave a reasonable deadline.
  4. We communicated with our writer, checked on progress, and made a point of asking for some revisions after the final product was delivered. We wanted to see if the guarantee of free revisions was really true.
  5. Most important to us was obviously the quality of research and writing in the final piece we received. We checked the resources to ensure that they were appropriate for the topic and the academic level. We reviewed the piece for thesis statement, solid introduction, logically ordered points, and a conclusion that addressed the thesis, provided a good summary, and, in some instances, provided a call to action to the reader.
  6. Each writing services was scored relative to our criteria. Those with the top 10 scores made this list.

Students looking for great academic writing help and the best paper writers online can save themselves a lot of work and the avoid the risk of disappointment and a waste of money. If you are looking for exceptional academic writing, highly experienced and qualified writers, great customer services and ultimately a piece of writing you will proud to call your own, then any of these 10 will get the job done for you.