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Transgender and Race

Topic Important quotes (Use MLA in-text citation for page number) Synthesis/Response/questions/Objection
Race “whether one possesses the ability to change the legitimacy of their own race” (22) “if it is similarly so with their gender” (22)   The author questions that ability of a person to change either his race or gender. It is impossible because people are born in certain race and gender. The audience gets to understand the complexity of the issues of gender and race in the society.  The questions are very difficult and cannot be answered with simple yes or no answer. Further, the author justifies the juxtaposing of this two incidence by giving an example.  The author argues if Dolezal had the right to change his race then Jenner has the right to decide on her gender.  
Gender “one cannot just choose to be a woman” (64) The author raises new objectivism about person’s ability to choose their gender. A person is born with a specific gender, and therefore, they have no right nor room to decide on their gender. The same case is applicable in the case of race.  These identities are beyond a person’s ability to choose.  
Transgender “Transgender should not be considered to be just a simple social phenomenon to think about but also a conceptual aspect to consider” (68) The text touches on the sensitivity topic of Transgender which makes it difficult to understand it.  There is a sense of variedness in the understanding of Transgender in the society. The author has elaborated the aspects of trans in the section of “Thinking with Trans” where he explains the concepts of race and gender is constructive in a way.

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