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Warehouse Operations- Inventory Control

Theft can take place within a warehouse such as Publix in unique ways. Irrespective of the robustness of security systems installed, it is possible for breakages to take place. However, in this case, more emphasis will be laid on internal theft. Warehouse staff can often make away with company goods or merchandise (Cisco-Eagle, 2012). This especially takes place in situations where the warehouse management does not implement an appropriate organizational culture that prohibits such incidents.

It is very difficult to realize the occurrence of internal warehouse theft by the management. Consequently, there are operations that have to be done in order to track any missing small items from the warehouse. First, attention needs to be given to finances. Employees’ access to information makes them be in a position to steal from the warehouse. Employees should also be given attention for any change in behavior (Ackerman, 2015). Slight behavioral changes are enough indications of theft or mischief in most cases. This is the reason for which the supervisors should be keen on all employees at all time.

Drivers of internal theft are varied. In order to mitigate these, the employers need to enforce proper physical security, shrink awareness, conduct regular detailed audits and enforce law and ethical standards for the employees to abide by. Internal theft may be difficult to notice. A close relationship with the employees can be a guide towards ensuring that the cases are minimal, and that they do not have to be involved in such incidents to benefit themselves. It is, therefore, possible for theft to take place within any warehouse irrespective of the security measures and operation standards installed.

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