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Women in American Culture

Question 1

The book, Through Women’s eyes focuses on their religion, class, education and ethical perspectives in the 17th and 18th century. In as much as it highlights the role of women’s revolution, the author is also keen to point out some of the disorderly acts present at the time. As common in the present world, women at the time were accused of prostitution and streetwalking which was by then, considered an offense in most cities such as New York. As a matter of fact, such cases were frequent as to necessitate the “vagrancy act of 1744” which focused on public indecency.

Question 2

In the European setting, the roles of women were dictated by their social status, religion, and wealth. Here, the paper will compare the Dutch women in new Netherlands against the Puritan women in New England. The puritan women were among the first Europeans to settle in America, as such, their husbands expected them to uphold significant responsibilities including being advocates of modesty, propriety, and decorum. On the other hand, the Dutch women assumed more traditional roles entailing subjection to their husbands house-keeping, and farm work.  

Question 3

“Slave women” is a classification of the many women groups that have been used to expand on the characteristics of each feminine group in the early world. With this, term “slave women” describes the African woman in the traditional society. The clues on page eighty function as eye openers as they show the normal life of an African slave woman. The women were subjected to poverty, hard work, and poor nutrition. During the 18th century, every household had its number of slave women who tended over the farms as well as other duties assigned by their masters (DuBois, 80). 

Work cited

DuBois, Ellen C, and Lynn Dumenil. Through Women’s Eyes: An American History with Documents. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009. Print.

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